Our products and us:
60 years
of innovative practices

since 1948
our company is dedicated to
the research, development and manufacturing
of technical lining materials
for anticorrosion protection of steel
as well as
waterproofing of concrete works

to comply with our policy
of monitoring sustainable development,
our engineers propose
the most environmentally friendly solutions
with no CMR labeled substances
and the lowest VOC contents
in respect of sanitary and toxicological
toughest regulations

since 1964
with 10 million square meters protected so far,
we are able to provide the best references
of the French market
for solventfree epoxy reinforced - or not -
"inside" linings

of tanks and vessels, basins,
primary and secondary containments, pipes.

since 1976
a large number of projects
in Africa, South America, Asia, Middle East,
have been successfully achieved with our products
and filled in our reference lists.
since 1996
our quality system
is certified
under ISO 9001 standard,
today in the 2008 version.
since 1999
we have been interested in impermeability
for "air exposed" areas
with impregnating organic aqueous
surface treatment products
for concrete and other porous materials

since 2009
the recent and important evolutions
in tightness techniques
regarding the "reactive elastomeric membranes"
invited us to explore this very different
but mostly very complementary way
from the one that consists in
reinforced epoxy hulls.

thus we are developing a polyurea proposal
that we intend to evolve in parallel of our "classics"
for uses substantially different.

since always
our epoxy or methacrylate "technical floors" line
contributes to process a large number of specific cases
in all industrial fields.



application companies
in their best play

our products are used exclusively applied by
specialized professional companies
trained and responsible,
equipped with adequate materials.

they are assisted
as necessary
by the technicians of
our Technical Support,
 either for
or site assitance.

the best

to ensure
a successful result
to the clients' expectations,
in strict compliance
environmental standards
regulatory constraints